On allegations of stealing music:

“You may be able to make suggestions, but you can’t write FOR me. I am the architect of my creative expression. No decisions are made without me.”

Leave it. 

This is a tricky one. Unless you were in the studio the days Miseducation was made, no one can really know what melody, verse or line was Lauryn Hill and which wasn’t. Not to mention, the allegations that Hill stole music was already settled out of court.

But as someone who believes in giving proper credit AND since Hill wasn’t known as an all-around musician at the time (similar to a Stevie Wonder, who can probably say he wrote and composed everything), I can understand why musicians might feel some type of way around the specifics of who “wrote” a song.

Take It Or Leave It? Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Address To Robert Glasper Decoded  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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