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New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers

Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty

Just because the NFL players aren’t supposed to kneel during the National Anthem, no one said that the cheerleaders can’t. A San Francisco 49ers cheerleader did just that.

Kayla Morris, a second-year member of the 49ers’ Gold Rush squad has taken a knee in the last two games. The first game was on November 1st and she did it again for the Monday night game.  Morris and the 49ers have declined media requests to talk about her kneeling. Most people thought she would lose her spot on the squad after she kneeled the first time, but she didn’t.

So here is the question, does it matter if the cheerleaders kneel? Do people look at it the same way or maybe just maybe, the NFL is slowing changing? We’ll have to see what she does this Sunday. Hmmmmm