Leikeli 47 Says “This Mask Represents Humanity”

Leikeli 47

Source: @victoriasaidit / Victoria – Raleigh

Leikeli 47 drops in to give a little inspiration, saying ” life is an inspiration in itself. I was one of those kids that grew up not hearing , you could be anything you wanted to be.”

She says with the lack of inspiration she experienced , she’s glad it was something from within that motivated her, saying “Not in a cocky way, kinda feel like I was chosen”. Expressing “from the womb, I heard a lot of NO’s”. Leikeli , basically took the good with the bad to push herself past the negative.

With her latest project, Acrylic she explains “When you smell Acrylic, you know just where you are; meaning you know you in my hood, you in my ghetto, you where I was raised”.


She explains Acrylic as “another creative way to invite people into my world, for people to get to know me. Not to just know me but us as a people.” Leikeli continues, “this mask represents humanity, I lead with love, but I’m a black girl first”. She wants you to experience through her music.

Her best advice, to anyone “do it completely afraid, I don’t care how scared you are. Do it! You may fell, you may not,  but if you do fail; don’t be scared of that.”

As someone that had to put in the work, to be featured on HBO’s Insecure soundtrack, being put acknowledge by Jay-Z, and being defined by her talents; Leikeli 47 says, “Do it your way, be kind , listen. Don’t listen to the point where you lose yourself. There’s a gift in listening” She concludes,”you can win with listening, but still maintain who you are”. She want you to do it, “Balls to the walls!”

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