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Jordan Hollywood after entering the industry goes down the list of white rappers like “Eminem, Mac Miller RIP , MGK”, and singer Post Malone.

Hollywood , with his latest project Finally , with the single Let Me Find Out featuring Lil Baby.

” Let me find out! That ain’t your car, bitch, that’s a rental (skrr) That ain’t your bitch, you in the friend zone. That ain’t Kylie, bitch, that’s Kendall. Let me find out.Those ain’t diamonds bitch them QZ’s (ooh)

Spend your re-up on some Gucci (ooh) Got a gun but you ain’t shooting (ooh) Let me find out. Snitching now you die for freedom (snitch)

Don’t throw that money when the weed come (bitch) You got a family but don’t feed ’em (shit) Let me find out”

The lyrics came to Jordan Hollywood when really getting to know more about the industry. Realizing that the disappointment comes from finding out some of your favorite rappers aren’t real. Hints , “Let Me Find Out”.