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After the three day airing of Surviving R.Kelly docuseries that included over fifty interviews from people that knew the R & B singer and his alleged obsession with underaged females. Many took to social media to speak out against R. Kelly and anyone that continues to support him.

Some celebrities openly protested against Robert Kelly; such as Tank , Neyo , and more. Set to hit the stage for the Millennium Tour, singer Omarion addressed actions of R.Kelly that have been allowed; tweeting ” It’s important first to ACKNOWLEDGE that this has been an ugly truth in our industry for years and as opposed to dismissing it’s existence | its time to discuss it. EVERYONE has to be RESPONSIBLE. Many have bared witness to the unthinkable and yet have remained silent.”

Disturbed by the idea that there was an increase in R.Kelly’s music, Jada Pinkett-Smith took to Instagram to get some clarity. Pinkett-Smith states the question , “How is it that R Kelly’s music sales have spiked (substantially) since the release of the docuseries Surviving R Kelly? I need some help in understanding. What am I missing???”

Artist Tank, posted on Instagram with his caption reading ” lot of artists, song writers, producers, record execs, etc are very confused as to how to respond to what they’ve seen and heard. We’ve all been inspired by this man. We’ve all been witnesses to his musical genius. We have shaped and molded talent we sign after his musical image.”

He continues, “We’ve invested so much of ourselves into this man that it’s hard for us to let go. I no longer have that issue. I whole heartedly apologize for not coming to this realization sooner. I CANNOT separate the music from the monster! My 3 black daughters won’t let me. ”

Tank speaks on the protection of black women and the other men guilty of this crime, saying ” Who are we saying is worth protecting if we let this continue? I choose the lives of these young black girls! I’m sick to my stomach! Let me also say this! There are more men guilty of these crimes! Lets make sure none of them slip through the cracks every again! You are no king because kings don’t treat queens like this! ”


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