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Today, 50 Cent took his boycott against Gucci on his Instagram page. In the video on his Instagram page you can see him setting his Gucci T-shirt on fire at which it then breaks apart into flames on a pile of old Gucci clothes that he has dumped from his closet.

“I gotta get rid of all the Gucci I have at home. I’m not supporting their brand anymore,” he wrote in the caption.

Before 50 showed himself setting his clothing on fire, he wrote on his IG that he was done with Gucci and was giving his Gucci clothing away to the needy. “Yeah I’m gonna pass on Gucci, I’m giving all mine to the homeless so the right demo can wear it,” said 50.

50 cent also took the burning of his Gucci clothing to IG after he had some “thoughtful” words for his friend and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Floyd Mayweather recently told TMZ that he doesn’t care about the boycott with Gucci and he will continue to buy from them, despite all the calls he has gotten from people such as T.I., Spike Lee and others.

50 cent responded by going on his IG page and posting a photo of Floyd wearing the Gucci sweater in all of its Blackface glory. If you may not know Gucci was called out for their wool balaclava jumper, which looks just like a person in Blackface. Gucci has issued an apology for the offending item, but the damage was already made and done. There are several rappers who are boycotting the fashion brand; including T.I., Soulja Boy and Q-Tip. These artists have took there boycott to their social platforms to express how they feel about the Gucci fashion brand.

Check out 50 Cent burning his Gucci T-shirt, as well as him roasting Floyd Mayweather below.

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