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Today is Rihanna’s 31st birthday. You know she always does it big. But did you know if you type in Google Rihanna and your birthday, you can see some of her killer outfits from that day? YES! You’ll fill connected to Ms. Ri Ri. LOL

So you love Rihanna’s style, so how do you get that look? Well, here are some tips to get the Ri Ri look.


Rihanna isn’t afraid to wear bold lip colors. Sometimes she uses eyeliner to create her lip colors. WOW!



Rihanna has that glow. Some of it is natural and some of it is her bronzer. A good bronzer can do a lot!



She’s never been known for wearing lots of eye makeup, but she’s known for her lashes. Experts say the best way to put on mascara is to wiggling the mascara brush back and forth at the base of the lashes and then pulling through to the tips will coat lashes evenly. And you don’t have to buy the very expensive mascara, see what you like and you can get the over the counter brands. And you don’t have to buy lashes to get the look you want.


Happy Birthday, Rihanna! And you get the looks like Ri Ri so you can look FAB on your day or any day!