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We all know Ms. #TokyoToni for her rants on social media and being model #BlacChyna’s mom. It looks like she finally found love and is engaged to be married. The sad news is, the mother and daughter duo are still calling it quits after their past fall out and Ms. #Toni is begging for #Chyna to attend her nuptials in the future. Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Host The Pool After Dark

“Yes. I am inviting my daughter, Blac Chyna, a.k.a. Angela, to my wedding. No matter what’s going on between us, I’m going to always love my daughter. So, I do want her to know that she’s about to get a stepdad in August”.

Although this invite is not the most ordinary, #Tokyo let us in on a little of Black Chyna’s past. “My grandkids will have a new grandpa. Although they do have Eric as a grandfather, but Chyna doesn’t associate and he doesn’t associate much with her. But, we’re gonna try this thing the proper way. So, having and maintaining a great foundation as a grandma, and as a mom is very important. But my child is grown — very grown”. Eric is Blac Chyna’s father who she does not associate herself with.

We are keeping hope alive and wishing Tokyo Toni the best on her love life. Hopefully #BlacChyna makes an appearance and can put the past behind her.