Ok, let’s just say #Raesremmurd will turn all the way up! 1/2 of the group, #SlimJxmmi got caught on live footage fighting a DJ of a nightclub. Witnesses say that the DJ apparently did not play the correct music that #SlimJxmmi requested.

The video shows clear footage of the rapper fully charging towards the DJ and jumping right over his equipment to get to him. #Jxmmi lost control once we realized that the DJ would not play the songs he requested. The good thing is, #SlimJxmmi was allowed time to calm down and go back to the party to enjoy himself. The DJ also had time to cool down and continue his set for the rest of the night.

The cops were not called and nobody got injured during the altercation. For clear footage, click the link provided below.

Slim Jxmmi Caught Fighting A DJ In A Club


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