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#KodakBlack has absolutely no chill. The rapper has been in a social media frenzy for the entire 2019 year. From comments about rapper #YoungMa , to remarks about the late #NipseyHussle ‘s wife #LaurenLondon , we are starting to wonder what the future of rap may look like for #Kodak.

The rapper has been receiving endless backlash about making remarks about #LaurenLondon being a widow and “being on the market”. Rapper #TI took to social media to confront #Kodak about his disrespectful comments. But from the look of things, #KodakBlack can careless about the opinions of others.

In an instant, the beef fueled and #Kodak recently released a diss track, naming it after a word that #TI uses frequently. “Young n**** sticking to the code, cause I don’t condone snitching — I ain’t going out like that rapper, I don’t do no trippin — When he said my name on the TV that boy a bold witness — On The news see T.I.P that boy got no feelings”. As the song continues, you can tell it’s a clear shot at rapper #Ti.

We hope the disagreement will come to a sudden halt and all can be peaceful in honor of the late rapper #NipseyHussle. Can’t we all just get along? Take a listen to the track below. Kodak ‘Expeditiously’