#QueenBey is ahead of her time. She has been a mastermind with music, philanthropy and making bank! The ‘Single Ladies’ singer was offered the opportunity to perform for an exclusive corporate #Uber event in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015. The Queen asked for her payment in equity instead of cash/check. The company made an investment for $6 million dollars.

That $6 million dollars has reached almost $300 million last week when the Stock Exchange announced that Uber was going public. #Beyonce isn’t the only person who got a hold of such an amazing opportunity. Her husband, #JayZ, #GwynethPaltrow , #OliviaNunn #LeonardoDicaprio and #AshtonKutcher all are included on this major deal.

Recently, #Beychella took a #Netflix deal for $60 million dollars. Her performance at #Coachella made roughly $4 million dollars. #MrsCarter is always thinking ahead. We are rooting for you, Beyonce!

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