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‘When They See Us’ by Ava DuVernay has caused a frenzy through social media and other platforms. This true story revealed the wrongfully convicted men who were accused of raping and beating a while woman while she was jogging in Central Park.

#LindaFairstein , the prosecutor, declined to participate in the new Netflix series because the production consulted with the original five men who were wrongfully convicted. We are all curious to know, how would this production be successful without the original story?

Fairstein sounds quite guilty and fans of the series are making sure she feels the wrath. Recently, she resigned from her volunteer group to separate the backlash she was receiving from the organization. She was also dropped from her publishing house after she has already released more than 20 best-selling crime novels.

We are happy to see justice is still being served after those five men gave up years of their lives and were truly innocent.

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