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Actor Hosea Chanchez who starred in The Game is opening up about being molested when he was a teenager. In a post on his Instagram page Chanchez comes forward about the molestation that took place when he was 14-years-old at the hands of a close friend’s father.

Chanchez went into detail to his followers about how the father of one of his friends would always insist on driving him home. He went on to say that while the two were alone in the vehicle the man would make inappropriate sexual comments.

“It was summer and I was about 14. I’d gotten a ride home from my friend’s father, who this day seemed insistent upon dropping me off himself,” he wrote. “It seemed odd until I later realized he had been preparing me for this long ride home for a while. A week before this day, my friend’s dad was asking me what type of girls I liked and if I had sex with a girl yet. He kept saying, ‘I bet you have the girls screaming with that big d**k, I bet you can c*m a lot.'”

He then gave more details about how the man sexually assaulting him while parked on a dirt road.

“Shortly after the drive began, he detoured and pulled down a dirt road, pulled over and said he wanted to talk to me about school and what my plans for my future are,” he continued. “He worked at a university so he said he’s only looking out for me and my future. Then out of nowhere, he said he wanted to see what the girls are going crazy over, then he reached over, unzipped my pants and told me to trust him.”

Hosea says the man went on to say “Trust me, you will like it,” before molesting him in the car. He then went on to name the perpetrator as Issac Sanders from Montgomery, Alabama.

The full IG post can be found below.

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