'Funny Is Funny' Kevin Hart's Search For The Next Comedy Superstar

Thaddaeus McAdams

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. #KevinHart is known for his stand-up comedy, entertaining #Instagram and being “homophobic” according to #Twitter.

He previously faced backlash over remarks deemed #homophobic from the gay community when they dug up old tweets with him making jokes about this community. Now, fans are putting the comedian under fire for comments he made to #LilNasX as the rapper explained why he waited to publicly come out as gay.

Before Lil Nas X could offer an explanation, #Hart chimed in to ask: “He said he was gay, so what?” The rapper explained why he felt it was necessary to publicly reveal his sexuality. Lil Nas X told the group of men that he was taught to hate homosexuality while he was growing up.

Fans on Twitter did not take Kevin’s response lightly. “Kevin Hart didn’t learn from his past clearly. Why they set lil nas x up like that” one Twitter user wrote. I find it hard to believe Kevin is homophobic but let the world tell it. This man is just recovering from a life-threatening car accident and didn’t say anything to offend or dismiss the severity of this group of people.

We are praying that Kevin is making a full recovery from his car accident and hope that Lil Nas X doesn’t fall into the trap of the cancel community that takes place on social media.

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