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Actress Issa Rae

2019 has been revealing a number of remakes! From #TheLionKing to #AllThat, nostalgia is at an all time high. Well, our good sis #IssaRae is in the early development stages of re-imaging the movie #SetItOff, and plans to star in the film as well!

This crime thriller originally starred #QueenLatifah, #JadaPinkettSmith, #VivicaFox and #KimberlyElise. Now, Syreeta Singleton and Nina Gloster are writing a new screenplay for this remake. #Singleton has credit on a Showtime series called Black Monday and #Gloster is a staff writer for #Star.

Sis, we need Season 4 of #Insecure! The HBO series is scheduled to premiere in 2020. Until then, we’ll be waiting for this new film and keeping Issa lifted during her time of development.