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Da Baby

Source: @victoriasaidit / Victoria

Rapper Da Baby got into a little fender bender recently while out in Las Vegas. The rapper posted a video on his IG earlier this week that showed what happened after getting into a minor car accident with a woman in Las Vegas. In the video he takes the blame for the incident and tells how he bumped the woman while at a stoplight. He even recorded himself giving her $150 in cash as she tells the camera that everything is alright.

Da Baby said:

“Okay look, I just ran into her car at the light. She said it ain’t no damage. It’s cool,” He added. “I said ‘Let me give you one of these pink fifties anyways. I gave her one fifty. I said it’s from DaBaby. She said, ‘I’m listening to your shit right now.’ I done ran into the back of her shit, while she playing my shit.”

Peep the video to see how Da Baby covered his backside!

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