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US Senator Cory Booker sits down with Brian Dawson in the City Of Durham.  The two discuss the importance of people getting back into the purpose of voting. Dawson addresses reaction people have with Donald Trump. “Talk to me about people that’s frustrated about this whole political system right now and some of the things that our current President is doing that’s making people turn off, tell them why they gotta turn on.”

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US Senator Cory Booker expresses this is not the time to sit back and act as if we don’t care. “Cynicism says, I can’t do anything about the problem, so I’m just not getting involved. I think that’s like a refuge for cowards… But there’s too much at stake for us and our well-being for you to sit on the sideline”, he explains.


Booker continues to encourage the people to get involved, “You have one choice in life, over and over to make , and that’s either to accept things as they are or take responsibility to change them and we come from a history of folks who took responsibility for making the change.”

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