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Tyler Perry honored with a Star



Fans are talking and social media never fails with endless memes for new movies. This week, viewers were tuned into #Netflix to watch #TylerPerry’s first debut movie on the streaming service #AFallFromGrace. If you have not watched the movie yet, you may want to click out of this article to avoid any spoilers.

Perry is a solo screenwriter and it is evident throughout a lot of his movies. You experience the typical woman, young or old, with relationship issues or experiencing abuse and trauma. The female protagonist is often the victim and the same thing happened with this movie. But viewers were in for a wild plot twist at the end that left fans wondering, what was the point?

Is Tyler creating the stigma that women, particularly African-American women, depend on the love and attention from men around them? Or, is he telling a compelling story that a lot of women experience on a day to day basis? Either way, the story begins with an inexperienced public defender taking on a murder case that she intends to just hand over to the DA.

The main character, Grace, is known to be this sweet smart woman but believes a woman named Sarah is her best friend only after six years. She is also a newly divorced woman who is looking for love and falls for a charming guy who she eventually marries. Grace is accused of killing her husband and Jasmine does a terrible job at defending her. In the end, she finds out her new husband is a con artist and his mother is her alleged best friend.

Of course, Perry plays a role in every single movie. He is an obnoxious boss who makes Jasmine’s job really hard but in the end she makes him proud. Do bosses have to be rude to their employees in order to make them work harder? What message was he trying to relay here. It’s a bit confusing but all in all, critics are feeling 50/50 about this movie and Tyler Perry projects over all. We are happy he is giving the minority a platform, even #CicelyTyson made her debut as usual. It would just be nice to see a different story and I think that is what all of the viewers are trying to say for better words.

If you haven’t already, take a peek at the movie. It’s two hours of suspense with an odd, yet entertaining plot twist.

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