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We all know that before Drake became hip-hop’s latest it boy, he had an acting stint on Canadian teen drama,

Degrassi: The Next Generation starring as Jimmy Brooks.

We also know that Jimmy was confined to a wheelchair.  But many of us don’t know how Jimmy got in the wheelchair, and haven’t seen any of the show… mainly because we’re not from Canadia (read: misspelling intentional), we’re not teenagers, and we didn’t watch it on The N either.

Here are a few clips of Aubrey Drake Graham in his breakout role as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Jimmy Gets Shot In The Back

So this is how Jimmy became Wheelchair Jimmy.  Apparently, some kids at Degrassi were picking on this Rick Murphy guy and pulled a prank on him.  Rick thought that Jimmy, a star member of the basketball team, was behind it.  Rick, being the unstable teenager that he is, decided to shoot Jimmy.  And that’s exactly what he did, before accidentally shooting himself.

Ignore the song that plays, some YouTuber added it in to parody the SNL parody of the second season finale of The O.C.

Which led to this…

Huh?  What??

Here’s a perplexing video of pre-wheelchair Jimmy rapping with one of his classmates on an episode of Drake.  “So shut up girl / and make my lunch.”

Jimmy: The King Of Pop?

Apologies in advance for the quality of this video, as it’s the only one I could find, and the audio disappears halfway through… But here’s Drake dressed up like Michael Jackson and attempting a few of MJ’s moves.

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