LeBron James Introduces Nike Lebron 12

This year has come with a lot of surprises and series of events that have led to major cancellations all across the glove. From prom to graduation, many people will be missing their big day due to this pandemic.

Schools have been forced to shut down, people are forced to work and take classes virtually from home and it can be disheartening for some people who have worked so hard and want to celebrate their accomplishments.

Lucky enough, #LebronJames has stepped in and added some light during these troubling times. The #Lakers will host a virtual graduation celebration and will be on TV and streamed on multiple social media platforms. “It’s been a hard few months for all of us, but I espeically really feel for the senior class of 2020. The end of high school and graduation was one of the best memories of my life. It’s not fair. Every graduating senior needs to know how much we feel for them and hopefully this can help, even a little. This class is going to be special because they know in a real way how to persevere”.

Such touching words. That message is for anyone feeling like these moments are irreplaceable. It is amazing to hear the world coming together to find alternatives for things we are missing out on. It shows that in the end, we will all be ok together.

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