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What a time to be alive. Many would say the nationwide protests have opened the eyes of many as racial injustice is at the forefront of many. But now, three officers here in North Carolina took it upon themselves to blatantly plot to kill the African-Americans in this country.

“We are just going to go out and start slaughtering them f****** n*****” says Officer Michael Kevin Piner who sat in his patrol car and made racial slurs. “I’m ready,” says Piner to another officer as he believes the #BlackLivesMatter protests will eventually lead to a civil war.

His supervisor found the recording yesterday after a routine inspection which including him finding the accidental activation of a patrol car camera. The shocking threat came amid extended racist conversations between Piner and two other police officers, Jesse E. Moore II and James Brian Gilmore. The men freely dropped racial slurs and suggested killing black residents and deride protesters.

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“The conversations included disrespectful language, hate-filled speech and referred to black people as the N-word” says Donny Williams of Wilmington Police Department. “They also criticized me within this video, several black officers within the agency, and made negative comments about individuals outside of the agency.

They made negative comments about Black Lives Matter protests and were critical of our response”. In another exchanged detailed report, Moore called Piner and referred to a black woman he arrested the day before, using a racial slur and saying she “needed a bullet in her head right then and move on”. How disgusting.

When supervisors confronted the officers about the recordings, all three of them denied being racists and described the pressure that the police were experiencing because of the protests. The department fired all three officers for a standard of conduct violations, while Piner and Moore also broke the department policy on criticism and inappropriate jokes and slurs with “hate-filled speech”. A summary of the internal investigation on the conversations will be released this week.

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