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The corona virus is bringing many issues to surface as many are adjusting to what is now our new normal. #MariahCarey says contracting COVID-19 could be a career-ending disaster for her based on the massive lung damage this virus inflicts on victims.

Sources revealed that the Christmas queen is claiming she can not sit for a deposition in the ongoing battle with her former assistant, Lianna Shakhnazarian, because of the huge risk of contracting Corona. Sis, we are doing things virtually now! What about zoom?

Well, Mariah filed documents asking the judge to order the assistant to stop continuing to press the singer to set for a deposition. She states in the filing that “Unique to Mariah, however, is the potential career-ending impact of any lung damage”. She even says there is a huge risk in doing a remote meeting or deposition too. “Even a remote deposition poses a significant risk to Mariah’s health and safety”. Make it make sense.

Mariah would seek to exercise her right to have her counsel present in-person to prepare for, and defend her deposition. She would also need a technology team to set up the remote deposition and troubleshoot any glitches, which she also states in the filing. We say, wear a mask and join the club Ms. Carey. It will be some time before the world is reunited in person again.