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Alexander Hillel Treisman

Source: Kannapolis Police Department / KPD

Alexander Hillel Treisman, a native of Washington state, was arrested in May this year after his van was discovered to be filled with guns and explosives in North Carolina. Authorities have released further details of the 19-year-old’s arrest, which include a nefarious plot to assassinate former Vice President Joe Biden but currently only faces child pornography charges.

As reported by local outlet WBTV, Treisman was first arrested late in May after authorities discovered a van he left near a bank in the town of Kannapolis, which alarmed employees inside who then alerted the local police force to tow the van. Happening upon the van, the Kannapolis Police Department saw a cache of weapons, $509,000 in cash, books about making explosives, and other related materials.

Treisman came back to Kannapolis which was no longer there and was greeted by police who found three driver’s licenses from California, Florida, and Washington along with a handgun, which prompted his arrest. Because of the discovery of the van and its contents, the KPD contacted officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As listed in the federal detention order, officials allegedly discovered 6,721 images and 1,248 videos of child pornography across several electronic devices, including a cellphone and computer. Also housed crossed these eight electronic devices was an October 2019 plan to carry out a mass holiday shooting event at a mall food court.

Other disturbing discoveries included images from the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shooting, and an audio recording of Treisman describing the “the perfect porn video” which detailed shooting the parents of a young girl with a shotgun then impregnating their child.

Among the number of the shocking content contained within the electronic devices was a series of Internet searches for Biden’s home address in Delaware and apparently came within four miles of the residence after purchasing an AR-15 in New Hampshire.

As of now, Treisman is not facing charges for the weapons or explosives.

Photo: KPD

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