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After much debate from Lil Nas X video to comments recently made by DaBaby at the Rolling Loud concert. Rapper T.I. jumped in with his opinion, saying “If Lil Nas X can kick his sh*t in peace… so should dababy #equality.”

Since then he was socially called out by Amber Rose, who has deemed herself an activist, “that’s why I started the sl*twalk for EVERYONE to come and feel comfortable in their own skin. This perpetuates hate and violence. I stand with the LGBTQ Community. We should all feel safe at a concert, no matter what our status is, who we love, or who we wanna give head to.”


T.I. went live on Instagram Monday to speak his peace. He stated that he respects, Lil Nas X, because “he has the courage to live his truth, but it ain’t for me.”

In regards to DaBaby’s comment at  Rolling Loud, T.I. states, that the Lil Nas X video just wasn’t his preference, and he doesn’t want his children to see it, but the same goes for the WAP video. As T.I. continued, ” I actually enjoyed that video, but I still don’t want my children to see it.” He adds, “but if you’re going to have the WAP video, then you’re going to have the Lil Nas X video, and you’re going to get DaBaby

The rapper also expressed frustration on being called homophobic by “people that don’t have anything going on in their lives.” He did however clarify that he isn’t homophobic, “just because I’m proud of what I am, don’t make me hate what you are.” He further explains, ” because I’m proud to be a man, don’t make me hate women”.