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Joe Budden is once again trending for yet another wayward comment. This time, it was for calling out “victim bullies”.

On a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the “Flex” rapper and unashamed Tory Lanez supporter decided to ruffle a few feathers at the expense of both Black women and domestic violence victims when he decided to compare Megan Thee Stallion’s recent Interview with CBS to the history of domestic violence reported between Evelyn Lozada and Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson; an issue he calls “victim bullying.”

Budden kicked things off by showing his disproval for Megan’s ability to speak her truth after the court had to place a gag order on the alleged shooter, Lanez, for talking too much.

“He cannot speak again. So, you’re going to sit down with Gayle King… while he can’t speak,” Joe Budden said. “I don’t necessarily love it.”

But it was his comparison of the incident to that of Johnson and Lozada’s case that drew fury from both Lozada and his ex, Tahiry Jose, who has repeatedly detailed her alleged physical abuse during her relationship with Budden.

“For years, any time his name came up, she popped up. It had nothing to do with her. She popped up and said, ‘He did this.’ It didn’t matter the rehabilitation he’d done and didn’t matter the changes that he made, the apologies, both public and private. Every time you do something positive, you’re gonna pop up with this victim story; and you are the victim. So, I don’t take that away, but that’s bullying.”

Of course, Evelyn Lozada hopped online in the comments of the post on The Shade Room to call out the podcast host for the irresponsible and hypocritical comment.

Budden attempted to clarify his remarks by stating “We were discussing reactive abuse, not ‘seemingly’ comparing situations… prayers to everyone involved.”

“You should of used yourself as an example and kept us the f–k out of it!! FOH!” Lozada responded.

She also continued sharing her opinions regarding the statement on her Instagram story, writing:

“My life matters, so I spoke up. Domestic violence survivor. I’m gonna keep screaming to the heavens no matter what another abuser has to say about my past abusive relationship.”

Tahiry also jumped in the comment section to express her feelings over the comment, adding that due to their history, she’s wondering why her ex “continues to have a mic.”

“THE BIGGEST F–KING NERVES ON EARTH!!! This is so wrong, so unfair but yet he still continues having a mic!” she stated.

The former Love and Hip-Hop: New York star also addressed Lozada on her Instagram story sharing a repost of Lozada’s photos from the 2012 incident before continuing her support by noting that “No one should have to go thru this.”

“I am so sorry. Nobody should ever have to go [through] this,” Tahiry wrote. “I’m shaking!!! he fractured my rib and punched me in my face. I don’t have pictures but I’m sure his other ex’s do.”

After catching the heat of Black Twitter and the truth from his ex and alleged victim, along with Lozada, Joe Budden is currently doing what he should have done all along—remain quiet.

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