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Source: CLARKS ORIGINALS / Clarks Originals

One of the most beloved shoes in Hip-Hop is finally getting its’ flowers. A new documentary explores the importance of the Clarks Original Wallabee, and we are here for it.


As per Hypebeast, the desert boot that changed our culture forever has its’ own short film. Narrated by Jadakiss, Soles Of The City details the shoe’s origins during the early formation of Hip-Hop culture. While Adidas Superstars, Reebok 5411’s, and Chuck Taylors were signature feet pieces at the time, the project examines how the West Indian community played a major role in popularizing the silhouette in the streets of New York City. As Styles P put it frankly, “It’s the sole. It’s the sole. Look at it. It’s the gummy bottom. It’s incredible.”


Source: CLARKS ORIGINALS / Clarks Originals

When it comes to the influence on Rap music, most if not all the kudos goes to the Wu-Tang Clan, specifically Ghostface Killah, who immortalized the shoe on the cover for his solo debut album Ironman. He goes on to explain with much relish how the artwork still holds a special place in his heart along with the video for “Apollo Kids” where he is seen overseeing a Wallabee production factory in flamboyant fashion.

“Clarks was my shoe when it was time to get fly on a higher level than sneakers,” shares Set Free Richardson, the director of the film. “They always made me stand out from the rest. I grew up on Wallabees, so when I was asked to do the New York story, I said we got to do it right – from the beginning of Hip-Hop and how it rolled to where we are now. When music cultures adopt a product, it helps build a legacy. For me, that’s what Hip-Hop did for the Wallabee. I chose a cast that would reflect that because I wanted people who are fans of the brand and know the New York history.”

You can watch Soles Of The City below.


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