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Dave Chappelle Birthday Celebration at TAO Uptown

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After months of being kept on a shelf somewhere in NORE’s lab, the Drink Champs episode featuring Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), and Dave Chappelle has finally hit the airwaves and it was filled with as much laughter as you’d expect.


Flying down to Dave Chappelle’s hangout dubbed “The Shack” in Yellow Springs, Ohio to tape the segment, NORE and his team popped bottles and shot the sh*t with the legendary artists and iconic comedian in which they talked about music, life, and of course Kanye West.

Whether cracking jokes about Kanye West or reminiscing about the iconic moment of yesteryear, the three men provided listeners with entertaining stories, points of view, and comedic opinions.

Here are the 6 things we learned from Black Star and Dave Chappelle on Drink Champs.

Mos Def says that he was nice with the rhymes since he was single-digit aged and says “I was never not good.” If you’re already thinking you’re that dude at 9 years old then you know can’t nobody out there tell you otherwise. Luckily for Mos, he was right.

Dave Chappelle Birthday Celebration at TAO Uptown

Source: Cassidy Sparrow / Getty

Touching on the rumors that he went to Africa and lost his passport, Mos says he’ll tell the story another time but says that he did live in South Africa for a minute. “During my stay there I obtained a secondary travel document,” Mos says. “And there was some disagreement between myself and the South African government as it relates to what they qualify as a valid travel document.”

Yasiin remembers that Kanye West had a listening session for Graduation at a movie theater and had some anime films synced up with the album for visual effects. Sounds hella creative and genius to be honest. That’s one of the things that showed him that Kanye was going to be “the guy” in the music game.

Talib Kweli says that when Kanye West spoke sideways about him during his own Drink Champs interview, the attention he got felt the same as when he dropped “Get By” years ago. Dave jokingly said Talib should’ve “killed that muthaf*cka for that baseball hat comment. Nobody makes fun of my hats!” Talib admits the hat comment was funny as well but felt conflicted about being dissed by someone he got love for. It’s all good now though.

Dave Chappelle says he bought “The Shack” where the podcast was recorded after driving by it a few times and wanting to do something with it. Though he left the outside the same, he “tricked out” the inside and made it into a clubhouse where he’s made memories with some celebrity friends and other people he knows. “The last time I saw DMX we had a great time here,” Dave remembers. Pretty exclusive establishment if you ask us.

Nore says that Nas thought The Root’s “What They Do” video was taking shots at him. He had to convince Nas that it wasn’t about him but says that video “separated backpack and gangsta” culture in Hip-Hop music. We gonna have to go back and look at the video to see what he and Nas are talking about.

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