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A North Carolina State University professor discovered some never before seen footage of Dr. Martin Luther King delivering a speech in Raleigh.

Dr. Martin Luther King Speech In NYC

Source: Michael Ochs Archives / Getty

Many North Carolinians might be surprised to know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech to thousands of people in Raleigh, NC during the 1960’s. It is a little known fact, but the iconic activist spoke to a crowd of 5,000 people at the Reynolds Coliseum on NC State’s campus in 1966.

Until now, only a few photos from the event existed. No saved audio from the event exists. However, after NC State professor Jason Miller did some extensive research, he uncovered some never-before-seen footage of the event.

Miller found out about the footage after contacting Marshall Wyatt, the son of film photographer Edgar Wyatt. On July 31st 1966, Edgar Wyatt captured the footage of Dr. King’s speech, and his son Marshall has preserved it ever since.

The video does not have any sound, but it still paints a vivid picture of what occurred that day.  Check out the exclusive footage here:

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