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Happy Hour specials may become legal in North Carolina if House Bill 94 passes.

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Bars and restaurants in Raleigh may soon be able to offer “Happy Hour” specials on drink prices, thanks to a new bill. Establishments currently are not allowed to offer discount prices at select hours during the day. Bars can offer discounts for the entire day (e.g. $5 tequila tuesdays), but time specific discounts (e.g. $5 tequila drinks from 4pm-6pm) are currently illegal.

However, if House Bill 94 is passed, businesses would be able to incorporate time sensitive discounts on sales of mixed drinks, beer, and wine. Businesses that already have a liquor permit would also have to apply for a $100 happy hour permit. House Bill 94 continues to garner support from bar owners in NC. The North Carolina Bar Owners Association shared their support for the bill via social media last week.

Would you like to see “Happy Hour” legalized in North Carolina?
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