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Dreamville Festival 2023 - Day 2

Source: Brandon Todd/Dreamville Festival/The Parallel Agency

“The realest piece of advice that stuck with me, I would say…never be afraid to reinvent yourself.”

As an artist, Bas has always been one that was never afraid to take risks and think outside the box, and if you saw him at Dreamville Fest this year, then you know he had the crowd lit!

Speaking of “Lit,” he reveals to K975’s Ayeeedubb and Ashia Skye that the track from 2014’s Last Winter project is his favorite collaboration with J. Cole (and not “Night Job” from 2015’s Revenge of The Dreamers II… Sorry, Ashia).

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Dreamville Festival 2023 - Day 2
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“I’m going to say ‘Lit’ just because it kind of introduced me to… the Dreamville massive,” he explains.  “It was my very first performance, it was Cole bringing me out on [“A Dollar and A Dream” tour] to do ‘Lit.’ And then it was bringing me out on, I think it was, the “What Dreams May Come” tour with Wale. So, you know, that song, I think, was very important to kickstart my career.”

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He also talks about what Hip-Hop, as a whole, means to him. “It’s a global community, you know?” he says. “Not to sound blasphemous, but it’s almost a religion in a sense that, I know, people dress a certain way, use the same slang. I can go to Amsterdam and see kids dress and dance and talk like us. I go to South Africa. I go to Tokyo and, you know, they talk and dress and things… It’s like Hip-Hop is just like… it’s this thread that’s just connecting the world.”

Check out our full exclusive interview with Bas below!