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PART 1: Black Rob talks about how he made music in jail, what is was like “inside” and what he did everyday for 4 years. He says he doesn’t know “Puffy” and that Puff did NOT come visit him in jail. Says the only industry person to visit him was Sha Money XL. BR breaks down what really happened with the robbery charge and blames it on that “white girl!”

PART 2: Black Rob talks about his ideal situation for his music, what he did when he first go out and corrects the rumor about his alleged “Asian” fetish. He also goes into how jail has changed since the last time he did a bid and how dudes aren’t the same “caliber” as they used to be. BR tells us about the homosexuality that goes on in prison and how he never had to deal with that and why. Plus, BR runs down a list of songs he wrote for Diddy!