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Beyoncé etsy Renaissance World tour

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Have you found your chrome outfit for Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour? We hope so. Because according to several news outlets, sites like Etsy and Amazon may or may not have items available.

Blame Beyoncé (and her Bey Hive).

Earlier this week, the official Virgo leader made an ask to her fans, which is seemingly causing a frenzy online. As the Renaissance World Tour rounds the second half of the North American leg in Beyoncé’s birthday month, the singer had one request: Wear silver/chrome.

Blue Ivy’s mother wrote the request on her Instagram stories and tour website. She mentioned how Renaissance has been “such a joy” and that her “birthday wish is to celebrate with you wearing your most fabulous silver fashions to the shows 8.23 – 9.22” to mirror each other.

During the tour, concertgoers, celebrities, influencers, and the like showed up and showed out for Queen Beyoncé. They’ve rocked everything from silver and chrome fringe to rhinestones and sequins, see-through fishnets and mesh materials, cowboy boots and hats, and everything in between.

So, it’s no surprise that the “Dangerously In Love” singer’s recent request encourages the Bey Hive to step up their game. How could you not?

Beyonce’s Fans Flood Etsy

As a result of Beyonce’s request, Etsy sales have seemingly skyrocketed. Celebrity paparazzi site TMZ reportedly spoke to shop owners about the influx. The shop owners confirmed the increased sales.

Etsy stores have reportedly shared that potential Beyoncé concert attendees have messaged them at higher rates, asking about pricing, shipping times, and available inventory. A specific Etsy seller, Sequin Fans, reported a 200 percent sales increase in silver apparel and a 400 percent uptick in page traffic.

This is not the first time Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour has positively impacted an Etsy store owner. Abby Misbin, a 20-something small-business owner in Pennsylvania, designed Beyonce’s now-famous silver disco cowboy hat.

Beyoncé’s stylist contacted the designer in 2022 with a special request. Abby, who spoke with Business Insider about the outreach, created a custom hat for Beyoncé and overnighted it to the designer.

Months later, Beyoncé’s stylist used the hat in multiple tour imagery and music video promotions. Eventually, fans got wind of the Etsy business owner, and sales tripled. Abby told Business Insider that while she was excited about the popularity, she quickly realized that she “wasn’t going to be able to keep up with production” and “decided to temporarily halt orders for that particular hat.”

It’s evident that when Beyoncé speaks, everyone listens. And this time, not only are fans listening, but they are adding things to their cart to make sure they are ready for Virgo season.

Scroll through our previously published galleries for style inspiration. Whether you see similar items on Etsy or not, you should grab them where you can now.

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