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A former assistant to Kevin Hart has made allegations about his serial adultery and more in a recent interview with Tasha K.

The former assistant to comedian Kevin Hart, Miesha Shakes, has come forward with scathing allegations about his behavior in a sit-down interview with celebrity blogger Tasha K claiming that Hart is a serial adulterer despite being married to his wife, Eniko Hart, and an irresponsible gambler among other charges.

In the trailer for the Unwine With Tasha K episode, the host opens up by asking Shakes what compelled her to reach out.

“It is time for Hollywood to hear these stories especially because a lot of people are locked in non-disclosures and they’re not able to talk and protect themselves. But you have to protect the person you’re working for, where’s your protection?” Shakes stated.

From there, the clip shows Tasha K bringing up the scandal involving Hart and a woman he was caught on video with at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Hart would own up to his infidelity, which Shakes said was the basis for an extortion attempt against Hart.

But Shakes went further and claimed that Hart fathered another child with a woman in his company, Hartbeat Studios. “She pregnant again?,” asked Tasha K, to which Shakes responded, “Correct, with her second baby.”

Shakes also claimed she told Eniko Hart, “Kevin is cheating with a girl named Mixed Morgan. She’s his flight attendant. She’s on his planes.”

She then pulled up the Instagram profile of the woman and showed Tasha K, who responded with shock and laughter. Shakes would also go on to respond to Tasha K’s question on whether her former boss has a serious gambling problem. “Yes, his game is poker,” she replied. She also responded affirmatively before citing another person named Leland as being responsible as well.

The allegations come as Tasha K is under duress.

The blogger was recently named in a lawsuit by the disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly, who claims that she was responsible for leaking information about him with the help of personnel at the correctional facility he was being held in before his trial for sex trafficking in Illinois.

She also still has to contend with paying rapper Cardi B over $4 million after a court found her guilty of defamation earlier this year. 

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