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Kanye West’s recent apology for antisemitic comments he made in the past didn’t convince Peter Rosenberg, who blasted it as “inauthentic.”

Radio and television personality Peter Rosenberg is not a fan of the recent apology to the Jewish community that Kanye West publicly made Tuesday (Dec. 26) on his Instagram account. The apology, written in Hebrew, took the public by surprise, but Rosenberg expressed his doubts. “I thought, I wonder what the sample is that Kanye needs to try to clear before Friday,” he said while appearing on TMZ Live.

“We all know Kanye notoriously is late with handling album stuff, and I just wonder whether there was something getting held up and someone said ‘Hey, this sample does not get cleared if he does not issue an apology,’” the HOT 97 fixture continued, referencing the issue the rapper ran into on the “Vultures” track with Ty Dolla $ign. When asked by Harvey Levin if he thought West was sincere, Rosenberg replied, “No part of me believes his apology.”

Rosenberg added, “I totally agree, by the way, that the Hebrew part was so either, like, intentionally or unintentionally offensive as if like American Jews can just read Hebrew without vowels. Like, bro, it’s just another offensive thing here. One thing we know about Kanye, he’s many things. Inauthentic is not one of them and that comment was so inauthentic that it lets you know it couldn’t actually be from him.”

The YES commentator would conclude: “This whole Hitler fascination, this is now a years-long thing. We’re talking about multiple years now. Honestly, the sad thing is, I don’t think there’s an apology out there that could make people feel better and forget about this.”

West’s statement comes after months of his making antisemitic comments, beginning in October 2022 on X, formerly Twitter. In the time since that initial statement, his business partnerships with the Gap, adidas and Balenciaga were severed. The “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” artist would also make an appearance on right-wing media figure Alex Jones’ InfoWars and infamously claim that he “saw good things about [Adolf] Hitler.”


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