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You may have already heard the gossip filling media streams and barber shops alike about a teen who was recently punched in the face. Now maybe where you’re from that’s not very abnormal, but the person who punched the teen was a police officer. Now again maybe where you’re from that’s not uncommon either to which I can only shake my head. This took place in Seattle. But what’s wild is the teen has decided to issue an apology to the policeman.

The Seattle teen shown on video shoving a police officer who then punched her in the face has apologized to the officer in a private meeting. Yes the meeting was private yet we still know about it, hmmm. Seattle police say Officer Ian Walsh accepted the apology Friday. Separately, the King County prosecutor charged the 17-year-old girl as a juvenile with third-degree assault, which is punishable by a maximum 30 days in detention. This makes me ask was the apology sincere or did the possibility of 30 days of lock down just scare the teen into panic.

The incident happened Monday as the teen was intervening in a friend’s arrest for jaywalking. James Kelley of the Urban League of Seattle says he requested Friday’s meeting between the teen and the officer at a community center to help calm the situation.