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Via: Allhiphop

Will Smith’s business associate, Charlie Mack, was robbed but not without a fight.

Will Smith’s business partner Charles “Charlie Mack” Alston was the victim of an attempted robbery on Friday (June 18th) at a gas station in Philadelphia.

Smith paid direct tribute to Charlie Mack on the song “Charlie Mack (1st Out the Limo)” on his breakout hit 1988 album He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper.

A bandit approached Charlie Mack, who is 6’7 and 280 pounds with a handgun attempting to rob him at a West Philadelphia gas station, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Charlie Mack was filing up his convertible BMW at a Sunoco gas station at 38th and Girard Avenue and talking on his cellphone to his 21-year-old daughter, when a thug jammed a pistol to his stomach and began rifling through his pockets.

The towering promoter told the would be robber that he had $3,000 in cash in the right pocket of the pants he was wearing.

“I already got two thoughts in my mind: That this dude is not going to let me leave if he gets the money, He’s going to shoot me,” Charlie Mack told the Philadelphia Daily News. “And, I’m not going to let him leave.”

As he pulled out the money, Charlie Mack grabbed the man’s gun and forced him to the ground. The man screamed for help and bit Charlie Mack’s right hand and scratched his face.

The man also made off with about $2,700 in cash during the robbery.

Will Smith and Charlie Mack have been involved in a number of business ventures together in the entertainment and film industry.

Charlie Mack’s annual Party For Peace Celebrity Weekend has been a staple event in the Summer in Philadelphia for at least the past decade.

This year’s annual event will take place July 23rd-25th.

“We never know what the circumstance is,” Charlie Mack stated. “He could be a bad seed, or trying to feed his seed. To me, it’s sad.”