An intruder broke into Drake’s $75,000,000 Los Angeles residence on January 26th. Things got hectic at Drake’s 75-million-dollar Los Angeles home on Thursday, January 26th when a burglar was found on the premises. The rapper’s security team discovered the unidentified individual after receiving an alert, and proceeded to notify the police. The LAPD subsequently searched […]

Rich The Kid was robbed at gunpoint in Los Angles while he was at his girlfriend #ToriBrixx’s home Thursday night. Sources revealed that two masked men entered the home demanding money and jewelry. Rich reportedly tired to fight them off, but three more men came into the home with guns. The men were able to get […]

Kristen Ledlow, co-host of NBA Inside Stuff on NBA TV says she was robbed at gunpoint at her Atlanta-area home on Saturday (October 22). The 28-year-old TV personality revealed the crime in a series of social media posts Sunday night. She says the criminals knew her and were at her house when she arrived. “Yesterday, I […]

Kim Kardashian was reportedly robbed at gunpoint by masked men dressed as police officers at her private residence in Paris. The attackers allegedly entered the apartment after threatening the concierge, tied Kim up and stole millions of dollars in jewelry and technology. In New York, Kanye West stopped his show mid-song to rush back home to […]

The internet exploded with praise for Al Roker when he went off on a tangent about the string of lies Ryan Lochte told to authorities in Rio, as well as his mom and Matt Lauer. Lochte has since admitted that he was an “embarassment” to the United States’ Olympic swim team. He is awaiting to […]

West coast rapper The Game recently learned that you can’t allow everyone into your home because some people like to steal. The “Marrying the Game”…

Yesterday, the blogosphere was set ablaze when reports surfaced claiming 2 Chainz had been robbed at gunpoint. As it later turned out, it wasn’t 2…

     Okay, maybe it wasn’t Chris Bosh‘s purses; more like his wife’s. The NBA player’s house was broken into and the thief stole $340,000 worth…

A teenager has been arrested and charged with breaking and entering into Tyler Perry’s home. Chloe Ware, 18, was caught within moments after breaking into the actor and playwright’s mansion on Paces Ferry in Atlanta according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Perry’s bodyguard caught Ware around 4 a.m. last Thursday, but two others escaped, police […]

        Via: Allhiphop Will Smith’s business associate, Charlie Mack, was robbed but not without a fight.

Via: The Urban Daily Young Berg denies TMZ and MediaTakeOut’s claim that he got pistol whipped in this video.