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Before the e-reader wars, Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-readers were $259. Then B&N dropped the Nook to $199 and lowering its lower-end Wi-Fi version to $149. Amazon then dropped the Kindle’s price to $189. All the while, Borders stood in the background paring its nails. Border’s e-reader, the Kobo, has stayed steady at $149.99 and its smaller version, the Libre, at $119. Borders believes that’s the right place for the e-reader to be.

“According to Boston Consulting Group, high prices continue to be a barrier to eReader adoption. The consumer sweet spot for eReader cost (is) between $100 and $150. This positions Borders for strong consumer adoption and market penetration.” The most Borders has done in reaction to the e-reader duel is to add a little baksheesh to their offers. This morning Borders announced it was bundling the Kobo with a $20 Borders gift card, and double Borders Bucks that can be used towards a future purchase. In the meantime, the iPad, which has sold several million in a couple of months, is despite its monthly fee, a threat for the time being.