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is dei a racial slur

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One thing about Black people: We are the absolute masters of laughing to keep from crying. There possibly isn’t another demographic in history that has perfected the fine art of finding humor in our oppression even as we fight it. It’s really something to behold.

It’s obvious to any Black person who isn’t Candace Owens or one of her sunken acolytes that white people have found a new way to spell out the N-word in three simple letters: D.E.I.

In response to the demonstrably racist overuse of DEI, Black people are turning white supremacist lemons into pro-Black lemonade.

Shout out to all my real DEIs!

That’s right, good people, “DEIs” is now trending on the platform formerly known as Black Twitter (I feel like we should change it to “Black X,” but that might be a little too on the nose) because Black folks are doing with white people’s new favorite slur the same thing we did with the N-word, which is make it our own.

I love us.

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