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Sometimes, you have to do what is necessary to make ends meet.

The 2004 biographical drama “Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story” has elicited a wide range of reactions over the years. A major point of contention surrounding the film is the casting of Flex Alexander as the King of Pop. Nearly two decades since its TV premiere, the project continues to spark debate and curiosity. More recently, the public has turned to TikTok, particularly to Flex Alexander’s daughter, Imani, seeking insights into her father’s choice to portray Michael Jackson.

Imani, the up-and-coming singer, couldn’t address the burning question herself. However, in a recent TikTok post, she featured her renowned father, sharing his perspective on how he landed the role. Flex Alexander explained his journey to securing the part.

“So I sat down at this table and these producers they said, ‘Man, you do this, you’re gonna be a big star! Bigger than Will Smith, Bigger than Denzel [Washington]!”

In a more serious tone, he continued,

“Listen, the role came up, I had took a meeting and I didn’t think they were going to pick me. I really didn’t. I said, ‘I’m 6’4, there’s no way you’re gonna pick me.’ And they did.

He added,

“I have a family to take care of. I had [my daughter] and her brother and, yeah, [I] had a family.”

Flex Alexander has spoken about his MJ project before. He has expressed his surprise at being chosen for the role and the disappointment of finding out that the movie would not feature any of the iconic “Beat It” singer’s original music.