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Donald Glover recently shared an update with fans regarding the future of his music alter ego, “Childish Gambino.”

After dropping subtle hints about his upcoming musical endeavors over the past few months, Glover surprised fans on Sunday, April 14, by announcing a live stream of GILGA Radio on X (formerly known as Twitter). Responding to a fan’s question about playing new music, he not only confirmed new music but also revealed that the rollout for his next album has officially commenced.

In the live stream interview, Glover disclosed his intentions to remix and remaster his well-known 3.15.20 album and re-release it under a new title, Atavista. Originally named Atavista, he had purposely released the album with no title during the pandemic. The initial version of the album includes collaborations with Ariana Grande, 21 Savage, Ink, and Kahdja Bonet.

The updated version of the album will feature revised song titles instead of numerical ones, such as “35.31” being renamed as “Little Foot, Big Foot.” Glover also confirmed the release of a music video for the renamed track, directed by Hiro Murai, within a few weeks. Furthermore, he mentioned his plans for his final album in the interview.

Glover shared that he is currently working on a new film titled Bando Stone in the New World and revealed that his ultimate album will act as the film’s soundtrack. Although he did not specify a release date for the film and its accompanying soundtrack, these updates about Glover’s last two albums follow his hints about his upcoming LP during a brief interaction with TMZ in December, where he mentioned that it is coming “soon.”