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As the whole nation awaits for what team Lebron will pick, many people have criticized the decision to go on a live primetime special to pick a team. While some are calling Lebron egotistical and dramatic, others think that the biggest player in the league owes to his fans a press conference.

The hour long special will showcase some of Lebron’s great moments in the league, and showcase a live press conference of Lebron’s decision. Although not a lot is known about the special, the only things we are aware of is, Lebron’s decision will be within the first 10 minutes of the special, and the location of the press conference is in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Although rumors have surfaced that Lebron will be joining Wade and Bosh in Miami, one factor to look at is the special will take place in Greenwich, Connecticut which is literally 10 minutes from the New York Knicks training facility. Could this be a sign of Lebron’s decision? Where do you think Lebron is heading?