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Everybody remembers when the original, dark brown skinned, “Aunt Viv” disappeared and was replaced by a new, fair skinned, character on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Well the “Where is Waldo” Fresh Prince edition is now over, and the mystery of the original “Aunt Viv’s” dissapearance has been replaced by Huber telling it all on the “Life After” series premiere.

Janet Hubert, most known for her role as “Aunt Viv” on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air aired out her grievances with the show and Will Smith on a segment that aired on TV One. “No, I will not come to your dressing room and dance! I’m not a groupie, I’m a grown mature 38 year old woman” she said of her working relationship with Will.

Although it has been plenty of years since Hubert has been off the show, since 1993 to be exact, she still seems to be feeling a little “salty” about the experience.

Get ready for all the gossip in her tell all book titled, “Perfection is Not a Sitcom Mom.” She describes her relationship with the star of the show,Will Smith, and from what we understand it wasn’t a pleasant one. Well we hope this book stirs up some juicy things to talk about.