After Stephen A. Smith's rant on how Will Smith's "slap" would cause "Bad Boys: Ride Or Die" to flop, the box office is proving otherwise.

With authorities on their tail and a powerful cartel in their way, Lowrey and Burnett go on a mission to not only clear their names but also that of their dearly departed captain

Will Smith is trending on X Monday morning (Mar. 11) after The Oscars aired over the weekend and John Cena took to the stage naked.

Will Smith has found his next post-Oscar role in Sugar Bandits, a movie that's been in development for over a decade.

Rakim found the entire story entertaining as he couldn't stop smiling.

Will Smith's reuniting with DJ Jazzy Jeff was part of the star-studded night that was the Grammy Awards' television special honoring 50 years of Hip-Hop. Other notable artists who performed with Queen Latifah, Public Enemy & LL Cool J.

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Tasha K might need to leave the planet to avoid paying all the money she is going to potentially owe between Cardi B and Will Smith.

A rep for Will Smith shot down the rumor spread by his former assistant Brother Bilaal that Smith had sex with Duane Martin.

Will Smith was allegedly caught having sex with Duane Martin, this according to a former best friend and assistant to the famed actor.

Will Smith has responded to the series of revelations Jada Pinkett-Smith has been making in promotion of her new book, Worthy. Jada Pinkett-Smith has been the subject of much discussion and scrutiny this past week after making a series of revelations about her marriage to Will Smith, and her life as a whole. The actress […]

Jada Pinkett Smith breaks her silence on her overbearingly microscoped marriage with famous actor Will Smith in a tell-all interview.