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O’Bon is giving parents, students and teachers an easy way to go green during the back to school season. This eco-friendly school and office supply online store has been making creating office and school supplies that protect the environment before it became the IT thing to do. They started off with their signature recycled newspaper pencils and quickly expanded their line of eco-friendly products to include notebooks made of sugarcane pulp and binders made from recycled cardstock and cardboard.

O’Bon has positioned its company as the eco-friendly office supply company. According to the company’s website:

At the time [of our inception], our trademark product was a pencil made from used newspaper, and it accurately embodied what we hoped to achieve. By being made from newspaper instead of wood, the production of our newspaper pencils didn’t damage the environment. And, since newspaper was more durable than wood, the graphite inside was protected better and so lasted longer.O’BON, which means “Oh Good” in French, today represents a better, smarter and more responsible choice. On a regular basis, we’ll hear “Oh good, you guys make recycled products” as environmentally-friendly becomes more and more popular with each passing day.

As our message and brand gradually grew, so too did our product line. We began to produce notebooks with paper made from sugarcane pulp, a great alternative resource to wood, and binders made from recycled card stock and cardboard.

As the early-00’s passed, we made a commitment to produce products that were not only eco-friendly, but also extremely attractive. Our belief continues to be that environmentally friendly products don’t have to come in boring designs or earthy green and brown tones. No, we believed in something different, and today, we boldly claim to have the best designs, colors and themes found in stores.

We also focused hard on the educational element of our products. By designing our products around animal designs and environmental facts, our goal is to nudge kids down the path of environmental responsibility and curiosity.

So, do the green thing for back to school – buy eco-friendly.