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A Florida pastor who called off a Quran burning said late Thursday he was “rethinking our position” after a proposed meeting over the location of an Islamic center near New York’s ground zero went unconfirmed.

Apparently Rev. Terry Jones thought that if he called off his Quran burning two things would happen.

1. He thought he would be going to New York to meet with religious leaders to talk about an Islamic center near the 9/11 site. (WRONG!!!)

2. He thought the backers of the “Islamic center” had agreed to (not build the center) near Ground Zero if he called off his “Quran Burning.” (WRONG!!!)

Wayne Sapp, associate pastor of the small church, said that the Quran burning scheduled for Saturday was postponed until the proposed meeting in New York is confirmed. The church will wait 24 hours to confirm the meeting will take place before making any further decision about the Quran burning.

Can this guy go away already???

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