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 Via: Allhiphop

The Hip-Hop Caucus has announced the relaunch of their non-partisan Hip-Hop voter mobilization campaign, Respect My Vote!.

The Respect My Vote 2010 campaign is being relaunched to helped educate the Hip-Hop community on the importance of voting to help shape police at the local and national elections.

Starting this week, The Hip-Hop Caucus is holding a photo shoots with a variety of artists and celebrities, will lend their image and likeness while wearing a new, exclusive Respect My Vote 2010 T-shirt design specifically for the new campaign.

“The Respect My Vote! campaign is designed to educate the Hip-Hop community on the importance of voting in every election to help shape public policies for our communities,” said Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., President of the Hip-Hop Caucus. “We had a great turnout for this past Presidential election, but it’s important to understand how vital it is to vote in the mid-term elections so Congress and state and local legislators continue to recognize our voice.”

The original Respect My Vote! campaign was launched during the 2008 Presidential election.

The Hip-Hop Caucus helped to register over 50,000 new voters during a grassroots mobile tour, which included appearance by artists like Keyshia Cole, T.I. and others.

For the new campaign, the Hip-Hop Caucus has tapped Brooklyn Hip-Hop veteran Special Ed, who will help develop the PSA’s with his organization, OSSE (Old School Special Edition).

“The Hip-Hop Caucus speaks directly to the community in its efforts to mobilize voter registration and increase participation in the general and presidential elections,” added Source Magazine publisher L. Londell McMillan. “Our commitment to empower the community is mirrored through the work that Rev. Yearwood is leading. We are total supporters of his vision.”

The Hip-Hop Caucus is currently planning a tour of the nation’s historically black colleges, which will include educational seminars and performances by some of rap’s biggest artists, with the aim of educating fans about each individual’s responsibility to vote.