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10 Reasons The Miami Heat Still Has Haters  was originally published on

1. “They ruined the NBA!”

“They ruined the NBA!”

One of the most ridiculous arguments that has ever been used against Miami and the “Big Three” movement is that it has a negative effect on the league as a whole. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Since they joined forces in South Beach, the NBA has been far more interesting and teams across the league have become more competitive by trying to keep up and forming teams to beat them.

2. “It’s still cool to hate on them.”

“It’s still cool to hate on them.”

The Heat has becomes the NBA’s punching bag. People make have come to the consensus that everybody has to root against them. Take Lil Wayne’s All-Star outburst, Jason Terry’s trash talk before his christening, and even Lance Stephenson’s most recent “feeling froggy” moments like the choke sign and blowing in ‘Bron’s ear.

3. “They have the worst fanbase.”

“They have the worst fanbase.”

Here’s one everbody hears about all the time, “Miami has the worst fans, they don’t even show up till the second quarter and leave before it’s over!” We have to admit this is true most of the time .

4. “Chris Bosh is still soft.”

“Chris Bosh is still soft.”

Chris Bosh is just an all-around captivating dude. As one of the most talked about athletes online, questions about his toughness and his role on the Heat have followed the big man since his decision to come to Miami.

5. “Miami’s team structure is flawed.”

“Miami’s team structure is flawed.”

So called “true” NBA fans have been disgusted at the Heat’s seemingly flawed team that somehow still manages to consistently beat teams with traditional squads.

6. “Erik Spoelstra can’t coach!”

“Erik Spoelstra can’t coach!”

When the news hit that LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh would join forces in Miami one of the biggest questions going into the season was what young Erik Spoelstra would be able to do with his newly acquired talent. What a lot of people fail to realize though, is that being the Heat coach is not as easy as it looks having such a strong group of vets a well as young guys.

7. “Dwyane Wade is no longer elite.”

“Dwyane Wade is no longer elite.”

D-Wade is no longer what he once was, a shell of himself. While it’s true Wade has not been playing the way we have been accustomed to, we put the blame on nagging injuries rather than diminished skills.

8. “They turn it on and off.”

“They turn it on and off.”

When you have a great team that has the ultimate goal of winning a championship, there are undoubtedly going to be let downs with fits of lost focus throughout the rigorous season. Heat critics have long suggested that one of their biggest flaws is that they turn it on and off which has led to them coming up short against inferior teams.

9. “They stole Ray Allen.”

“They stole Ray Allen.”

Jesus Shuttlesworth chose South Beach over his incumbent Boston Celtics, and haters across the country can’t stand it. Ray Allen took less money to leave Boston in order to a three-point specialist for the defending champs. When you think about it though, outside of money, can you find one good reason why Allen shouldn’t have left?

10. “LeBron isn’t as Good as MJ.”

“LeBron isn’t as Good as MJ.”

LeBron has taken his game to the next level over the past two seasons, winning MVPs, his first title, and a Gold medal. The comparison to Michael Jordan has been made and argued to death by Heat critics. Let him play out his career and then we can debate this when he retires and buys the Cavs.