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Kai Cenat, Druski Accused of Colorism & Misogynoir

Source: Bobby Metelus / Getty / Kai Cenat / Druski

Kai Cenat and Druski are catching serious flack from Black women and men following their latest Twitch stream together.

Druski and Kai Cenat are without a doubt two of the most famous people on the internet, let alone on social media, so it should come as no surprise when they got together for a stream on Cenat’sTwitch channel, it would have the internet talking.

Unfortunately, for both of the personalities, the focus is not on how funny their skits were but how disrespectful they were towards Black women and how they are leaving a wrong impression on the young Black men who tune into the streams in record numbers.

Druski’s Jokes Reeked of Transphobia

Black women and men have taken to social media to call out Kai Cenat and Druski, accusing them of colorism and misogynoir after two particular clips from the stream went viral.

In one clip, Druski is on a blind date with a Black woman. The social media comedian/influencer is suspicious after removing his blindfold and claiming that the woman has “manly” features, sparking colorism accusations.

Of course, many people didn’t think the moment reeked of colorism, but the moment did further fuel the narrative that darker-skinned Black women are perceived as “less feminine” than their lighter counterparts.

Is Kai Cenat Detrimental To The Development of Impressionable Young Black Men?

In another moment during the stream, Druski and Kai Cenat teamed up for the internet comedian’s famous “Coulda Been Records” sketch.

Another moment that has Black women giving them both the side eye is the moment a Black woman comes on the stream, impressing Cenat and Druski after watching her clapping her booty.

In response to the viral clip, one person wrote, “I know it’s lucrative, but these grown-man slumber parties on live camera are odd to me. I hope that it ends soon.”

“A new generation of boys learning to dehumanize, objectify & hypersexualize black girls. Please make sure your sons are not consuming content like this, pls,” another X user wrote.

These are all valid criticisms, and we hope Kai Cenat and Druski listen to them. These two men have a massive amount of influence and need to understand that they are responsible for leaving a good impression on young Black men while still entertaining them.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

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