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Citizens of the United States have been concerned about President Joe Biden since he announced he was running for president. From stumbling down steps, to slurred speech, President Biden has been nothing but memes since his inauguration.

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Meek Mill has been the latest artists to voice his disapproval for the current president. Meek Mill posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, to address his concerns with the President. He believes that Joe Biden is not qualified to make decisions for our nation as he is believed to be ‘rapidly’ declining.

Joe Biden is too old to be our president “respectfully“ wtf is going on in the American system that yall pushing this through like it’s okay to trust what we seeing” Meek Mill wrote. “we talking missles … advance technology… mental and physical warfare …. That’s not a lane for the older”

This comment stems from the attack from Iran on the US consulate and airport in Northern Iran. The attack was made after Biden publicly told reporters “I’ve already delivered the message to Iran. They know not to do anything.”.

Take a look at some reactions to Meek Mill’s comments on President Joe Biden below!

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